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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh download speeds!!!!!

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Someone please help me. I have a liksys AG041 adsl gateway and im sure its the problem. Ive disabled all of my firewalls (yes i know its a bad idea but i had to try it) and i still get an incredibly slow download speed. My speeds are typically around about 10kb/s despite the fact the health of the torrent is usually at least 1000%. Occasionally i hav the luck that my total download speed of all my torrents gets up to around 300kb/s which is what it should be. So why isnt it like it all the time?

Someone out there must have an answer and before you ask, yes i have tried port forwarding.

Thank you in advance to all those who reply


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Same goes with me...

I'm using Linksys WRT54G, I have ADSL connection up to 256kbps, my problem is that when I use bitcomet, and even though i'm only downloading 1 file and the health is > 2000%, my download rate is only 9kbps...

I would like to know if there is such a workaround? Have tried directly connecting to the ADSL Modem, same issue applies.

Hope you can shed light into this matter.


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The problem is usually caused by a firewall blocking the listen port.

You can double-check this by looking at your peer list for all of your currently-running torrents. If you have any connections initiated as REMOTE, you're good. If they're all local or NAT, your port is blocked.

If you have multiple firewalls -- most routers have a built-in firewall, and with SP2, XP has an active software firewall, and things like Norton love to install firewalls -- then you have all these firewalls falling over each other with the results you see.

You only need one firewall. More is trouble. Get rid of the others. Use the one in the router.

Now that you're down to one firewall, you need to open it on the BitComet listen port to allow access. If it's a router's firewall, you need to forward that port through the firewall. If it's a software firewall, you need to set up a rule to allow Bitcomet permanent access through it. Either way, it needs to allow both TCP and UDP through.

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