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Slow opening of .torrents from IE

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I have a problem where the .torrent takes a long time to open in BitComet when downloaded from IE.

It is probably Windows XP or IE(6.0) related because direct ->file->open torrent on a local torrent doenst stall. But i can't seem to find the problem. It did not begin, it begun without any apparent change, or did it stop with a new BitComet version (now using 0.70).

So what i do is: In IE click on a .torrent -> select Open -> .torrent downloads -> download done, window disappears -> wait about 10-20 secs. -> BitComet gives the open torrent dialog box (task properties).

The problem is the 10-20 secs wait time which suddenly appeared.

Thnx for any help.

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This suggests a disk issue, very likely an overfull temporary internet files directory. You'll need to clean that out and defrag your disk. You can avoid this and many other issues in the future, by switching to Firefox.

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