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Hi you all,

I just joined the forum and went through it without finding an answer to my question, so I have started a torrent to download a movie from a Chinese torrent site. What can I do to view the file names in Chinese. They are all scrambled in gibblish. And how do I open a rmvb.bc movie file. Thanks. By the way I have NJ star viewer and WP.

joy to all ;)

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to enable support for chinies go to:

start menu->settings->control panel->regional and language options->languages->check install files for east asian languages.

OK I went to start menu>.......languages... the install files for east asian languages is already checked.

May be a Windows XP disk has to be inserted and the languages has to be chosen to be installed.

So I tried unchecked the east asian languages box. It warned me the asian language files will be uninstalled

which I don't want so I closed the dialog box.

I checked the box again and hit OK. The box is checked but do I need to restart to see its effect or something.

By the way bitcomet rocks I got 6 movies files completed within hours :)


joy to all

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