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incomplete download 99.9%


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hello am a new user and I need help... Ive downloaded a file which is now 99.9% complete but its just stuck there for past 4days :( and it just doesn't seem to move. it shows zero seed at any given time but it shows connected peers 4, connected seeds 0, connecting peers 0, download rate from peers 0, upload rate to peers 0..... what does this mean? will this file ever be complete?

Also the folder ends in .bc file which shows incomplete download so i cannot view it even....can some one help?


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Are you sure your internet is working if it is good. Then check if you are connected does it say dht not connected? If yes Options, Preferences, Choose Random Port. Are there any seeds left? The file may be playable i mean the worst you could miss is a shot of the credits is on 0.1%. Save the torrent and play in the VLC media player (FREE)!

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I suggest you have a read here...


although this normally applys to torrents that are seeded, but this could still be your problem.

Most often its a setting on your router that changes the packets slightly and causes them to fail hash checks.

as for using the uncompleted file as the other member suggested, this is possible, as long as its not a compressed archive (.zip or .rar).

however the missing bit is not likely to be in the ending credits, as bit torrent does not download in order of first to last (could be anywhere in the video, assuming its a video your downloading).

If you choose to do this, I suggest you copy the file/s and then remove the .bc from the extension of the copy (keeping orignals where they are in hopes it will finish).

I hope this helps.


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