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Automatically Start new Task if Download Rate Below X


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Using BitComet 0.70

In preferences under Connection\Task Schedule there is an option to "Automatically Start a new Task if Download Rate Below" XX KB/s. This doesn't seem to work. I've limited my number of Max Downloads to 2 and put one of the 2 started seeds as one that I know hasn't been seeded yet and set this to 10KB/s. It's had 0KB/s average for over an hour now and hasn't started the next download pending in the queue. It has managed to downlaod 286KB in the last hour but nothing of any signifigance. Surely this setting is designed to allow you to queue manage multiple downloads to optimise your time and maximise bandwidth usage?

I conceed that it swapping download task if the download rate was instantaneously below 10KB/s (as per my setting) would result in a lot of starts and stops but if the average over the last hour is 0 this is clearly a dead torrent & below the 10 KB so why hasn't it switched downloads. An average of below X for the last 5 minutes should trigger the next task and go down the list of pending jobs until it hits a winner. If your new winner torrent dies it should start again at the top of you list till it finds another good one.

One additional setting for this that would be great is a "select next task by: " Queue Position; Priority; % Complete.

The other torrent that is downloading is downloading at above 10KB/s is this actually a global min download rather than a minimum per task? If so making it per task would make more sense as you you already have a global max down setting.


Thanks in Advance


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Ok after some testing If I set my max download below my auto start new task it does start new tasks (lol infact it happily starts all tasks as the goal target download rate is logically impossible with the min > the max). So it would appear to be a global minimum download rate which usefully overrides the max # tasks option (this override is good). The alternate would be to operate this as a a per task minimum and just requeue underperforming tasks. Prob need options on requeue or leave to complete if this path was followed on a per task basis. This could be useful for when torrents are released well before a scheduled seed release eg 10 torrents published with a schedule of 2 days between seeds.

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