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trackers and other peoples dl speeds


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hi i'm pretty new to bitcomet despite having used it off and on for over a year.

mostly i've been happy with my downloads since figuring out the port forwarding thing, and i can get what i thought were satisfactory dl speeds. but recently i went to a public tracker site and checked out the stats of a file i was downloading. i found my ip, and my speeds seemed pretty slow as people who showed up after me zipped past me.

am i interpreting that correctly? the torrent was relatively new so there weren't too many of us (<20), yet some people looked like they were able to get a couple of gigs in something like 2-3 hours or fewer while i took something like 6-7ish. plus, everyone's KB/s Peer Dn seemed to be faster than mine.

even if their connections are faster than mine (entirely possible), since there were no seeds, and health was like <10%, shouldn't we have been mostly in the same boat? it kinda makes me think i still have some config problems.

thanks (and point me to the right guide/thread if this is covered somewhere) :)

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finding the best settings for your connection requires alittle trial and error.

Here is a good place to start.

Find a good healthy torrent (most linux torrents are extremely fast)

Obeserve your max upload speed. If you seem to max out at 50kB/s, the set your max upload at 40kB/s (80 percent of your max)

Use this setting for downloading, and use unlimited when seeding.

Basically bit torrent is designed to provide the most data to peers that upload the most, however if your upload bandwidth is using all for data, then you will be slow to respond to requests, and will severly hurt your download.

You will need to try different settings before you find what works with your connection, this is just intended to be a starting point.

Anoter option would be to run an upload speed test (google for speed testing), then set at 80%

I prefer to use observed bit torrent speed as a starting point, but this does require a torrent that has a good number of seeds and peers to give a good sample.


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