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HELP!!! Password???

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Help, can anybody help me??

I have downloaded movies (brokeback mountain, davinci code) and I cannot open this movies. I have downloaded a winrar unzip program and it keeps asking me for a password. Is there a password which is hidden somewhere when you download the movie or what the ***** am I doing wrong.

Thanks guys for helping me out of this misery :lol:


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Passwords on .rar files are common.

It is possible for one movie to have hundreds of different passwords, so there is no way we can help you with the information you provided.

The password should be provided by the website that lists the torrent.

I will make no promises, but if you care to provide a link to the page where you found the torrent, I will have a look for you.


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Hy suspect

I have downloaded this movies from my bit torrent. but the question is also for future downloads, where do you usually find the password for each movie on torrent sites. Are they hidden under a certain link or where?

sorry, but I am a beginner (as you might assume) ;)

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If you get the torrent from the source, the password will be with the torrent.

If the torrent was picked up with a search and added to someones database, then you will have to dig to try and find it.

The first step is to look up the tracker, visit their web site or forum.

Sometimes you can use a search engine like google to search the file name, and/or torrent name.

Sometimes the password is in the torrent name.

Some release groups always use the same password.


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