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help with portforwarding


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hello. i have a router and i did everything mentioned in bitdave guide related to manually forwarding the port.

( i esablished static ip and created the virtual server, and set all the settings based on what was proposed but bitdave, firewalls off, router internal firewall off too) and double checked everything. still all my peers are local. any ideas why?

there are two things i should mentioned, i am not sure whether they matter or not.

1. when forwarding ports, the port that was already in my bitcomet was 9127. this definitly falls outside the range mentioned in the guide, however i forwarded this port anyway

2. also on the bottom of my bitcomet it says "DHT not connected", could this be it?

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I recommend using a port from 40-60k range. These ports seem to work best and have less conflicts with other applications you might have running.

Sometimes it may be necessary to change ports in order to fine tune your system. I also know people that change their ports regulary, but I don't think this is necessary.

As for the dht not being connected, you must be running a torrent that allows dht, and have peers connected that have dht enabled for this to connect.

Basically, if it works on some torrents, then your configured properly.


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