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Help with file opening downloaded from BitComet


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Alright. First I want to say how happy I am that I have found a site that I can download actual movies from instead of p*** or just noise posing as movies. But, I have downloaded a few files and I just can't figure them out. I downloaded one movie that was an AVI, and I have AVI Player, and it wouldn't open at all. The one I'm having a problem with now is Talladega Nights. It's an AVI and I get sound but no picture. Anything I've downloaded from userSubAtom has problems. This is one. I also downloaded a file that was supposed to be Photoshop v. 9 with Key Generator but it's a RAR file. Now that just won't open anywhere. I don't know how to unload it or whatever needs to be done. I'm new to this so I don't know how to do anything so far except download one big file like a AVI that plays continuously. I don't know how to download a movie with multiple chapter files and get it to loop into one big movie. But, while searching download.com for RAR converters I only got one search result called File See but it won't open the PhotShop download. It just shows the specifics about the file.

Can anyone help me? And, if so, can you maybe give me a few tips on which files are more stable, how to download multiple chapter files, etc? I would really appreciate it. I'm downloading Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest now and it's an MPEG so, I hop that should be pretty easy to view if it's a good file. And I'm downloading a AVI file of X Men 3. Hopefully no problems there either. It's just such a disappointment when I have a slower DSL and spend 12-24 hours downloading these files just to get let down.

Anyway, thanks for any tips you guys can give me. I'm sure some of you veteran users and other proficient users can help. It will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.


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I can help you with this.

First, the .rar file is a compressed archive, like a .zip

You should download WinRar. They have a free trial version you can download right from rarlabs. (trial will continue to work, but will have "nag" screen after trial period expires)

As for the issue of playing back your .avi files. I believe the problem is you do not have the correct codecs installed (decoding software)

You can download the CCCP codec pack (best for playback only) here...


Or the K lite codec pack (use defaut options is recommended) which is more complete at...


I have used the k lite pack for some time, but many of our staff perfer the cccp. If you are only wanting to play the video, the perhaps the cccp would be a better choice.

In either case, select to install media player classic. It is a player that can play more file types then windows media player.

Another good player is "vlc player" from videolan.org

All of the above are free downloads.

now on to downloading videos.

If you want to download videos to play on your dvd player, the KVCD is perhaps the best option.

Why kvcd???

A commercial dvd is approx 8,000mb in size (far to big to download quickly), and needs to be "shrunk down" to fit a dvdr disc (4.38gb) Still to big to download quickly.

KVCD is encoded to be burnt onto a standard cdr disc, and when played on a dvd player provides almost as good video quality as the orignal dvd, and with an approx size of 800mb.

You might wonder how kvcd can encode a movie at 1/10 the size of a dvd and still look good.

The answer is complex, but suffice it to say that kvcd is set to display direct to your tv screen so no resolution is lost in providing pixals that cannot be displayed. It also uses complex software to create a varible bit rate, this way it improves quality of video for parts of the film that require it, and lowers bit rate for parts that don't.

Creating kvcd is an art, and not all kvcd downloads are equal.

Tus kvcds have become known as the best world wide, and we have a strong following, and all our torrents are well seeded.

NOTE: our forum is currently being updated and is offline, but if you want to try some of our films, they are all listed at demoniod.com, sladinki and most are on mininova and most other search engines.

If you want to play the videos on your computer, then .avi files will give better quality.

I hope you find this information useful.


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