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hi everyone i joined to ask and report


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these are quite common.

Basically they have obtained your ip address from a torrent you were downloading, and reported to your isp.

The odds are you could have avoided this by installing a program like peer guardian 2, which would prevent and connection to known anti p2p ip addresses. Another good option is using protowall with Block List Manager (which may be even more secure then Peer guardian).

Peer guardian is far easier to use (find it on google). You can also read a great deal about these letters on their web site.

If they specified exactly what you downloaded, then deleting the file is an option, but I suggest you don't reply to the letter.

There is also one legal problem they have by obtaining ip addresses by joining the torrent. Since they own the copyright to this material, and are distributing it, this could be interprated as being a legal download, since you got it from the copyright holder with their knowledge.

Believe me, they know of this legal problem and are in no hurry to test it in court of law, as it could back fire on them.

For the time being they have been using their resources in making threats and looking for the orignal uploaders of this material as well as presuring web sites that host torrents.

If you would like some entertainment, visit the pirate bay, and read the link labled as "legal threats"

Its quite funny.


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