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Limited download rate!!!

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My problem is that while i download any files using bitcomet the download rate does not exceed 5KB/s... I have changed the MAX. DOWNLOAD RATE TO 123KB/s in preferance options... but there is not effect.

Please tell me how to increase my download rate .

And one more thing, i am using the latest version on bitcomet(v 0.70) and i have broadband internet connection.

I hope the above information is sufficient and i you need more please tell me.

Thank You. :)

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There are many factors that can result in slow download rate.

One is the health of the torrent.

another common problem is too high of an upload speed. Bit torrent protocall is designed to give more download data to the peers that upload the most, but if your upload data rate is maxed out, your client will be slow to respond to requests and your download speed will suffer.

there are two popular ways to set your max upload while your torrents are downloading.

One is to run an upload speed test, then set your max to about 80% of that speed.

The second (which I perfer) requires a very healthy torrent, and doing the same but using the actual observed upload speed, then setting max to 80%.

Either method will give you a good starting point, further adjustments can be made by trial and error.

If you would like I could recommend a good torrent that is well seeded to test your client.


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could you also give the well seeded torrent?

Here is a torrent for a dvd I produced for Star Trek New Voyages.

It is seeded by several high speed servers, so should give you a good sampling of what upload and download speeds you can expect.



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