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I keep getting the error "Cannot listen to port"

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I updated to Bicomet 7.0 but now whenever i try to start it i get the error message " Cannot listen to port ......"

I'm using Windows XP. As for a firewall i looked in the control pannel and it says Windows Firewall I hope that helps. As for my router , im not even sure what this which shows the extent of how slow i am when it comes to these things.

If its the little box that connects to the internet then its a conceptronic.

Whenever I try to change the port in prefrences and press ok my bit comet freezes and wont let me click anything.

I hope you have an idea of what Im on about.

Any help to fix this would be appreciated.

Sorry for the trouble.

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first routers, if your "little box" has only connections for one computer, then its likely just a modem, if there are several plugs to connect, then its a router.

as for your listening port, it sounds like your firewall is blocking your connection.

Please also be sure you don't have more then one firewall running. Perhaps part of an internet securty program.

You will need to allow your new bit comet version to have access in your firewall, if an old version has permission, then delete that and make a new one.

Here is a link to help in setting up your windows firewall...


I do however recommend you disable this firewall and install a better one. Sygate is the most secure (in my opinion), but McAfee is very easy to use.


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