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Downloading fine. Can't upload anything.

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Very sorry about the noob questions, but I've done everything I can think of. The torrents I'm downloading are uploading at the same time just fine. It's just that every torrent I've created myself and dragged/dropped onto the "transfer" screen are showing a tracker status of:

Connecting Tracker to say Start, waiting for response

I've turned off the UPnP (in the client and in the router) and done the manual port forwarding with my router.

Is this what it's supposed to say for uploads, or is something wrong?

Is there somewhere else I'm supposed to "put" or upload the torrent to other than just dragging it over to the transfer box in BitComet?

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When you create a torrent, you must register that torrent with a tracker site before the tracker will acknowledge it. This is a simple process, but a necessary one. You can choose any public, private or semiprivate site that wants/doesn't ban the material. For most of them, some nominal registration is required (Pirate Bay, Demonoid, IsoHunt). Others don't permit uploads without preapproval. Still others (MiniNova) are just distribution sites and require that the torrent be registered with some other tracker.

Once you've registered and uploaded your torrent, it may take as much as 15 minutes for the tracker to process it, but then you'll be able to seed. It may take still more time for people to discover your torrent and start leeching, so be patient.

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