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Can view DVD but can not burn to disk

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I downloaded my first DVD last night. Initially I only had sound. I have down loaded CCCP as you suggested this morning. Now I can view the DVD on my PC using your preview button or Power DVD. I still can not drag the file into Shrink or pick it up using the 'open files' button. It tells me that "Failed to find file C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads\VIDEO_TS.IFO system can not find specified file". I also tried burning direct with Nero; same problem.

How do I burn to disk?


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you shouldn't need to go to program files to find the file.

you can find the file by right clicking on the file that you have in BitComet and selecting 'Browse Downloaded Directory'.

it should be there.

as for playing the file, you can use VLC media player by downloading it on videolan.org

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Hi Suspect

Thanks for your help to date. I hope this provides enough information for you.

Torrents\Leon (The Professional) [1994][DVDRip][Eng][No-Sub].avi.torrent

C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads\Leon (The Professional) [1994][DVDRip][Eng][No-Sub].avi


569.71 MB [100%]

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This is not a dvd, it is an .avi file made from a dvd.

A commercial dvd is about 8000mb in size, which can be shrunk down to fit a dvdr disc 4.38gb

This video is encoded with (xvid or divx), which cannot be played on most dvd players (some can, if designed to)

You can watch this with media player classic (came with your cccp codec pack)

You can also use windows media player, or most any media player.

I can post a guide to convert to dvd if you like, but this is not a simple burning process, and could take hours to complete.

If you want movies you can download and burn to play on your dvd player, then kvcd is perhaps the best...

Why kvcd???

A commercial dvd is approx 8,000mb in size (far to big to download quickly), and needs to be "shrunk down" to fit a dvdr disc (4.38gb) Still to big to download quickly.

KVCD is encoded to be burnt onto a standard cdr disc, and when played on a dvd player provides almost as good video quality as the orignal dvd, and with an approx size of 800mb.

You might wonder how kvcd can encode a movie at 1/10 the size of a dvd and still look good.

The answer is complex, but suffice it to say that kvcd is set to display direct to your tv screen so no resolution is lost in providing pixals that cannot be displayed. It also uses complex software to create a varible bit rate, this way it improves quality of video for parts of the film that require it, and lowers bit rate for parts that don't.

Creating kvcd is an art, and not all kvcd downloads are equal.

Tus kvcds have become known as the best world wide, and we have a strong following, and all our torrents are well seeded.

If your interested in our tus kvcd movies, send me a pm and I can get you an invite to join our forum.

Our movies are all posted on demoniod and sladinki as well.

Most can be found on mininova if you do a search for "tus kvcd"

Let me know if you would like me to post a guide for you to make dvds with nerovision.


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Thank you for a very comprehensive reply to my questions.

From your reply the .avi file is not what I am looking for. I have deleted that one. I down loaded a TUS kvcd file as you recommended. This is the file: C:\Program Files\BitComet\Downloads\Ken Park 2002 DVDRip kvcd Jamgood(TUS Release). It took 25 hrs 28 minutes to download. The .avi file took 6 hours. I am not sure how much of this is because of my very unreliable Internet connection.

Now that I have the file on my hard drive I can not view it. I can view the TUS sample.mpg file but not the actual movie. Do I need to download any software to view this? And can I then burn to disk?

“If your interested in our tus kvcd movies, send me a pm and I can get you an invite to join our forum”

Please do…………………….thanks


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