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Stupid question, plz answer anyway.


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Because I've liked this forum (really quick answers), I'd like to ask another question. It's about the portforwarding. In BitComet speed faq I've read about the portforwarding. Because It seems that I've got Sagem F@st 800 E3T USB router. I set static ip adress, but on www.portforwarding.com I cannot find my router. Searching on Google also doesn't bring any results. Can anyone tell if portforwarding will bring any performance improvment (ADSL 256 kbit/s, so the maximum real speed is about 30, 32 kb/s but on every torrent it's max 20kb/s), and if it will, how I can do it?

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You dont need to do portforwarding because that sagem is not a router, it's just a modem.

You also dont need to do the static ip thing

20 KB/s is pretty good on a 32 KB/s connection, maybe its just the torrents that your downloading are slow

Or maybe you need to play around with your upload cap

also you should only run 1 torrent at a time with your connection

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Lol, >< Actually every single one of us, even developers are still trying to understand bittorrent networks. So don't worry about asking questions like these.

But yes, 20 KB/s is pretty good already. The reason why you might not be able to attain max speeds is because of two reasons:

1. 256 Bandwidth only offers a measly upload speed of about 7-8 KB/s

2. In proportionality terms, low upload = low download.

Try capping your upload to 80%, and also as Bitdave stated, only download 1 torrent at any one time. (So, generally don't seed & download at the same time)

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