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Download Speed Issue...Betchya Cant Fix It :P

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Alright...so I'm pretty good with computers and technology, but now im stumped. I have myseld as a DMZ on my router (I know it leaves me completely open...but I like to live on the wild side ;-)......plus I have a dlink router which is s*** lol)

Anyhow, that rules out my router. XP firewall is offline. I've fixed the SP2 issue of limited connections, changed it to 100.

I'm getting a dl rate of about 1-10...no higher. Thats for everything I'm downloading. I've configured everything properly, no idea what the problem is.

Any suggestions would be great.


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The problem is your router, :P D-Link's DMZ doesn't work right.

Does your D-Link have a built in Firewall, NAT is not a firewall? Switch from DMZ to a normal connection then set the router up. You have two choices here, a) Disable the firewall or b)portforward.

You should go with portforwarding. Look up your router here: www.portforward.com. Use a port above 30,000 to avoid any conflicts. Once you do this remember to turn off the random ports setting and set the listen port to the one you opened.

Also, what type of software firewall are you using? If you're not using anysoftware firewall then turn XP's firewall back on and just set it to unblock BitComet. BitComet's updated version adds whatever port you set BC's listen port into the exceptions list.

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