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See this page:


We notice that only three softwares have both Encryption and DHT support:




Well, it's a good start, but now we have to fix the missing features. :)

I won't comment on Linux or Mac compatibility, but for the rest we have:

  • IPv6 = no (so we need it :P)
  • NAT port mapping = ? (yes or no? if no, we need it :P)
  • Basis = ? (none I think, but needs confirmation)
  • Web Seeding = no (so we need it :P)
  • Broadcatching (RSS) = no (so we need it :P)
  • Web Remote Control = no (so we need it :P)
  • Automatic Client Updates = ? (yes or no? if no, we need it :P)

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As for the auto client update, I perfer not to have it automatically update. I like to stay with what works, at least until I have a reason to upgrade.

also, since you seem to be good at evaluating our client, perhaps you would care to try some of our beta releases, your feedback could be useful.


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Here is the link to download our beta versions...


Here is the section in our forum relating to the beta versions...


I would recommend posting bugs/questions regarding beta versions in the beta forum (I'm sure the developers will correct me if there is a more approate place to report)

Suspect :)

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