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Can't delete saved torrent files????


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Anyone can help me please, I just download a torrent file today, when asked to save the torrent file, it only shown save as file type as ". Document", when i saved the filename as "ABCDE" , 2 files appears in my hard disc, 1 without any extension & 1 with only a dot. like this "ABCDE & ABCDE. "

I can changed/rename/delete only either 1 of them to "ABCDE.torrent" but then I can't delete the other 1 that only have a dot (.) after the filename "ABCDE." it also can't be del in cmd because it's can't be recognised in win because it have no file size (0kb) or any extension.

This is really annoying, can anyone help me?

My email : sooch72@yahoo.com

Thanks in advanced.


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I'm trying to understand exactly what you are saying, but its quite confusing.

I do however believe you are dealing with what Microsoft refers to as "windows file protection"

It can be very annoying and is only needed by people who don't know better then to delete needed files, and files in use.

This can be disable, do google search (disable windows file protection)

I recommend you do this only if you are an expirenced user, and know what should and should not be deleted.

I suggest you shut down all programs and reboot your pc, you should then be able to delete these files.


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post-4914-1156403954.jpgThanks for your reply, but I had try to disabled the file protection but nothing seem to works. You can refer to my attactment file . I finally found out that it's a type of Hidden File but normally hidden file can be delete.

I'd also try closed all program but still cannot delete it, the file location is at I:\Downloads



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Notice that there is another same file name same with the .torrent file, but without the file extension? It's a HSA attributes file, I can now hide it with WinXP folder option but still can't do anything with it, can't del/rename it. what i don't understand is why these file became windows "Protected Operating System Files"???

Maybe I did it wrongly, I just changed the SFCDisable value to 1 at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SFCDisable

& reboot, but no change or any effect after that, still can't del it.

Can u help?


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As far as disabling windows file protection, as I mentioned, its not a good idea unless you are sure about what you are doing.

This is not something I feel comfortable assisting you in a forum post, and way outside the bounds of supporting bit comet.

There are many guides for doing this on the net, as I mentioned.

If your unsure of yourself, then I would have your setup discs handy, and files backed up, and be willing to reinstall your windows.

As for being unable to delete the file.torrent, this file being protected should clear when your computer reboots. Well, it should clear when the program using it shuts down, but WFP is far from perfect, and often "protects" files that are no longer in use.

Now, to back up a bit, WFP protects files that are in use, I have a feeling this is what you are having here.

If you know basic DOS commands, then boot to "Safe mode" "command prompt"

Then delete the files from there.

If your not good with dos, you can try regular safe mode, this may work too.

Entering safe mode.

reboot, press f8 as soon as your o/s starts.

You will get a menu with several choices, one being "safe mode command prompt only"

or safe mode

safe mode with network support

and a few others.

Hopefully this will get the files off your system.

I also would not dissmiss the possiblility of a virus, spyware/malware installed on your PC. Scanning should be done regularly, so please do this if you have not already.


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