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Autostart & Restart Questions

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Hi, been using BitComet for a short time and found it excellent, well done.

Have a couple of questions. I have browsed around but haven't found any info to help (sorry if I've missed it).

I have left the program in default i.e not changed any settings.

When I start the program any unfinished downloads show as Stopped and I have to click Start to get them going again. Is there a way to make them autostart?

Similarly, if I've shutdown and have completed downloads that I wish to seed for others when I start BitComet again these also show as Stopped. Do I need to do anything to make them available for upload?


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It's my opinion that you should stop ALL torrents BEFORE you shut down your Client.

I also think its a bad idea to have your torrents automatically start.

If you didn't want to run the torrent, it would start, then you would have to shut it down (to run a different torrent for example), but what about the requests it sent out before you shut it down, all the peers and trackers thought you really wanted to participate, then you dropped off. All the data you requested is lost, and others waiting to get your data will be left waiting.

It's not good to start and stop torrents.


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Thanks for the reply.

If I reading you correctly then before shutting down BitComet, when for example turning my machine off at night, I should STOP all active downloads/uploads.

For downloads this doesn't present a problem because all I need to do when I restart BitComet is click Start and the download will recommence from where it left off.

However, for completed downloads that I had been seeding this means that the torrent is not available for others to share. At least that has been my experience so far.

If I click Start on the completed download then it starts again from the beginning, not practical with downloads that take many hours to complete.

With Azureus for example, all transfers, both download and upload, automatically start when the Azureus client is started. In this way any completed transfers can be seeded even if it's days/weeks since the client was last used.

PS Have just spotted the Auto-resume tasks on BitComet Start up in the Appearance menu, missed that. Despite what you say if this is selected does this make any completed task active for seeding?

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