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I've postponed this suggestion for almost a year now because I didn't want to sign up to any more forums. Write down one more password. Try to remember to check back. Blah.

So my first suggestion is SUGGESTIONS@BITCOMET.COM. Where a lonely Cometeer can fire off a brief idea without reading and agreeing.

My second suggestion I am desperate to see. Hopefully, you'll tell me to RTFM (and also where I overlooked the option).

Anyhow, wifey is notorious for pausing my downloads so she can have a quick look at her email before work.

I get home, excited about the great new opensource application that I was downloading .....


Could I have an option to resume after x minutes of inactivity? When the screensaver kicks in? Something?

My AVAST! trolls for virii as a screen-saver so I don't want to undo that.

Maybe an alternative would be a PAUSE FOR 15/30/60 MINUTES button.

You get the point.


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Why not just ask for a password for BitComet.

She should be able to check her email without stopping BC. While leeching 5 torrent & seeding another 7 I've gone web surfing and updated windows all at the same time. Of course I'm crazy since I burn DVDs while running Azureus. B)

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A password for BitComet will cause some other problems. there will some ppls forget their password and write mails or try any other methods to get their password.

So my suggestion for you is to communicate with your wife or lock your computer as BC could still works when the system locked.

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