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I've download the Avatar Season 1 for my Bro

I completed the Download and then went to sleep next day I woke up to make sure it was Finished and All I see is the Download REVERT back to 0% I was WTF took me 2Days I tried to play the files but it said Bitcomet Incomplete Files can this be fixed and to make it worse the Torrent Deleted it itself leaving only the files

I seriously dont know whats going on here Ive used it before this never happened to me :(

If not I feel like just leaving it is there a site that allows you to download them instead from a torrent takes ages on Torrents and 1Hr on Normal Download I've got a 8MB Connection Downloading from the internet is super easy and quick compared to Torrents :rolleyes:

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I don't think this problem is related to your bit comet in any way.

There are dozens of direct download sites, most (or all) require you pay, as the free services are very limited.

As for speed of download, most of the time its your upload speed that effects your download.


ps. I suggest you scan for viruses, addware/spyware, then do a scandisc, as you may have hard drive problems, or be infected with something nasty.

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It's not a virus...

Without sounding cocky, I'm pretty sure my computer doesn't have a virus, nor does my husband's. However, BitComet seems to be the culprit in our laptops not going to sleep when we close them. I just opened my laptop to find it hanged, so I had to hold the power button until it shutdown. When I restarted, two movies that were completed are now at 90% and 95% respectively, and one movie that was at 9% is now back to zero. Is there anyway to retrieve this data without having to re-download it? I mean, is it not somewhere on my hard drive?



after searching the forums for a while, i gave up and tried to start downloading the files again. Once I did, they immediately jumped back up to 100% and 9%. However, the issue with making the computer hang still exists.............. ///////////////

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