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page cannot be displayed??


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I ve just downloaded BitComet and i have got this stupid problem and i cant find any help in the faq.

as soon as i start bc and click on to torrentspy.com or whatever...bc cant load the page and it just says: page cannot be displayed.. what could this be?

i am connected to the internet..

ive got norton anti vir and fwall

zone labs anti vir and fwall

but i hit "allow" as those two started complaining :)

please help me... :)



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Posts like that always kill me. Running two software firewalls at once is never a good idea. Except when you're using Black Ice. But thats a whole different discussion.

Zonealarm hasn't been a good firewall in awhile. Kerio just tested as good as ZA for normal use and it doesn't do all the bad/evil crap ZA does. So Kerio is probably the best Freeware firewall around.

But I'm still sticking with McAfee 'cause its awesome. B)

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It's apparent that BC's little browserlet can't connect to the interent, but that's no loss, and many people don't use it at all. You can do all of the searching with your normal browser, bookmark sites, all of which you already know how to do.

So do that instead, use your regular browser to download torrents and save them to disk (which is a good idea anyway), then see if BC is able to connect to the tracker and to peers.

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