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this is so weird=S

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i'm currently using bitcomet 0.70.i do not have any firewall,i use AVG,Ad-Aware and spyware blaster

i'm using an adsl modem,my broadband connection is 512kbps.

i set my max d/l rate to unlimited and max u/l rate to 20 kB

and now this is my prob....

the bitcomet d/l speed seems vary between extremly slow to kinda fast..

sumtimes my d/l speed can be as low as 2 kB and sumtimes it can shoot up to 60 kB.

but usually it hovers between the range of 10-20 kB

i'm wondering why does this happens??all my torrents are in good health.usually the health are about 4000-5000%.it usually takes me bout a whole day to d/l a movie.plz offer sum advice :( :(

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Your fastest speed is 60kB/s which is equal to 480kb/s (your broadband is 512kb/s)

This is the fastest you will get without upgrading your service.

Since you likely have much lower upload speed, your not going to see your max speed often.

Bit torrent is designed to give the most download to those who upload the most.

the trick is to upload as much as possible, but not so much that you cannot respond to data requests fast enough. To this end, we recommend starting with about 80%.

I would adjust your upload limit just a bit either way, but be sure to wait several minutes between adjustments.

I would also recommend you not run more then one torrent, as your bandwidth is quite low for even one, to share it with two would hurt everyone connected.


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