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Ability to clone other clients

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Some torrent sites ban bitcomet, for a host of reasons, but BitComet is far and away the best bittorrent client. I don't want to install another client just so I can use this tracker, though some files are only found on these trackers. Is there any way to change the version information, or have a preset list (Azareus, uTorrent, ABC, BitTornado, etc) that you could impersonate?

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Bit comet doesn't cheat, and its best that you don't either.

Only versions .59 and .60 have the dht issues, so don't use those versions.

If they ban other versions, then I suggest you ask them why?

I would be interested in knowing.

If you want a different client for those trackers, I would recommend Utorrent, it is quite good as well.


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