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Prob with bc

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Hello team.

I have a problem with files which I seede.If I start to seede the file have 100%.After some time (sometimes a few days) the file gets to 99,98% by themselves.

I have make the torrent with bc and take the file into the bc downloads.

I use bc 0.57.

Hope,someone can help me.

greetz hellboy

sorry about my english :D

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I'm not certain why this could be happening, but you are using a very old version of bit comet.

I would recommend getting a recent release and trying seeding.

I would also recommend a complete system scan for viruses/addware/spyware/malware...

Also running a full hard drive scan (scandisk will do), including a surface scan.

This could be your hard drive has some failing sectors. Scandisc will test and remove access to any that are failing.


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Sorry for my late answer..

I make the torrent on a view days old clean re-formatted hard disk. But after your tip's ,I make a complete system scan and also an full hard drive scan with scan disk.Nothing help's.

I think it's not the problem of the version of bc.I try other version's of bc and also other clients too. The same problem.

The problem is the torrent (I think),he says 1 pieces is failed (1mb).Gives there any kinds of things that I have specific to notice by making a torrent??? I have most of other programms shot down by making it.

I don't understand why it's 70-80 hours ok,and then not.

The file (movie) is ok,I can burn it...no problem's.

greetz hellboy

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