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New to Bittorrent?? First time using BitComet & Torrents?


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New to the BitTorrent Community?

[i did not show the search engine I used within this guide, so as to not confuse readers of any favoritism that BitComet staff shows towards search engines. The list of search engines below are only a few...try googling to find more!

First, welcome to the BitComet Forum. Once again, we thank you for your ongoing support by using our client! [For further help with your BitComet Client, please scroll down to the end of this guide for further sites offering help. Alternatively, feel free to post at our BitComet Client Help or Torrent Questions.

If you're completely new to this BitTorrent community, I would suggest you to read further below, before posting questions in Torrent Requests. :)

Well, the BitTorrent network is perhaps a more efficient network than other P2P networks such as Kazaa or Shareaza. In order for you to start using BitTorrent, be sure that you have at least a 256/64kbps connection, because most files hosted on BitTorrent are minimum 50 megabytes [well that's the smallest that I've seen] to some files exceeding 10 - 20 gigabytes, thus, the better your Internet connection, the higher download speed you can get. For more information, head to any of the following 3 sections:

  • the 1st Section below is dedicated to teaching users how to use torrents with BitComet.
  • Section 2 is used to teach users how to use torrents, download them, etc. It is recommended that users new to the bittorrent community, should choose BitComet as one of their first clients to use.
  • Section 3 are concluding notes for everyone to read.

Section 1:


1. Read up their F.A.Q. on how to use BitTorrent (Alternatively, please head to our BitComet Wiki Pages).

2. Download the Bitcomet client, and install it into the appropriate directory [i would advise you to install it onto a hard drive with free space exceeding 20 gigabytes, because you'll be amazed at how much you download even within one day], perhaps 100 - 200 gig drives are more suited to heavy BitTorrent users.

3. Head to your torrent search engine and search for the file you want. Its as simple as that. For a list of torrent search engines, please scroll down to the end of this guide. Try isohunt.com.

4. Download the torrent file you want, save it to a location. Open Bitcomet, and follow the instructions on Step 5.

Section 2: Part A.

There are of course other BitTorrent clients, though BitComet by far, is much better for downloading batched downloads...use Google if you wish. :P

If you still do not understand how the torrent network works, please scroll down to the bottom of this guide, and a list of 'New to torrent' guides should be available for more information.


Section 2: Part B

A common question asked by people new to the BitTorrent community, is about the procedures used in order to download the actual file(s). In general terms, this is how it goes: -

I assume that you already have installed the appropriate BitTorrent client, and have set your firewall(s) to allow the client to access the Internet.


1. Head to your favorite BitTorrent Search engine. (For a list of search engines, please scroll down to the end of this guide).

2. Type in your search query, I used Stargate Atlantis -->


3. Click on the preferred file, ALWAYS check for the number of seeders/peers. If there are less than 5-10 seeders, try avoiding such torrents, unless it is the best torrent containing the most seeders/peers in your search.

4. ntbt3.jpg

Once you have clicked on your preferred torrent, it should open a new window, which looks like the above screen. The Green boxed area shows the number of seeders/peers. Click on the Blue area, and it should open up a small download window as shown in the Red boxed area. Here you may either save to disk or automatically open with the preferred client. Usually I save it to a location and open it up manually with my BitTorrent client.

[Please note that this is an example of one search engine. Other search engines function practically in the same way, only that they may not offer extensive information, but just the torrent download and torrent name]

5. I will guide you step by step by using the BitComet client:


All you have to do is open the torrent by clicking on the Open button as indicated by the blue box on the top left hand corner, then locate the torrent file, and click open.

6. The client should automatically establish connections with the tracker servers provided by the torrent file. If your trackers report 0 peers, or having an invalid passkey, then I would suggest you to look elsewhere for that file. Unless you can register at that private BitTorrent community tracker.

Section 3: A Note to all Users!

Animeyume.org has prepared their own tutorial, if you’re interested - head here:

AnimeYume BitTorrent Tutorial

To answer some brief questions:

There is no fast torrent or fast BitTorrent client. The BitTorrent community is only alive through people around the world seeding or leeching.

Issues with your BitComet speed are answered in a separate topic, which I'll create soon, for now, feel free to ask within the appropriate sub-forum.

However, for Router users [if you're not sure whether your modem is a router or not, head to google.com and type the model and brand name of your modem] you will need to set up a Port Forward & Static IP so as to maximize your download speeds. This is discussed in a separate topic, Click Here to view it.

After the completion of ANY torrent download, it is your responsibility to do a virus scan upon the torrent's contents; you should scan torrent downloads from tracker sites that you're not familiar with, or public torrent search engine sites.

Rumours of BitComet requiring CRACKS are not true! This is a free client, distributed for use to all users, as shown in the disclaimer at BitComet Wiki.


Brief List of Torrent search Engines:







[More at this site: http://www.p2pcore.com/torrents.php ] "Contributed by Bitdave".

Anime specific torrent search Engines:





Further BitComet Client assistance:



This topic is intended for people who are new to the BitTorrent community or have intermediate knowledge of BitTorrent; if you are encountering specific BitTorrent issues, then if possible, please post a new topic in the appropriate sub-forum (outlined at the beginning of this guide), be sure to provide as much detail as humanly possible.


BitComet Team

1st June, 2006

LE: Please note that some of the procedures in this guide might be outdated (not necessary). For example, at present time, BitComet facilitates even further some operations (i.e. it intercepts the .torrent file download in most browsers and automatically opens the dialog box for adding the torrent to BitComet's task list, rendering the step of manually opening the .torrent file obsolete). For an up-to-date review of all BitComet's features, a BitComet tutorial and FAQ, head to the Wiki Pages.

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