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Aussy first time here


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Im new so I dont know if this is the correct place to ask for help. Im in Australia using Bigpond ADSL can anyone suggest why It is impossible to get more than 20kbp/s download on any file the health on the particular file is about 2500%. Is it me or bigpond?? Any advise appreciated

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Welcome raymoxx to BitComet Forum! Hope you enjoy your stay around here!

Hmm, could you post this at um...BitComet Client help ^^ So as not to congest the Introductions thread ^_^

Thanks in advance!

P.s. I've removed your size addon (7), as this will make your post really huge. xD

The font and size codes work like this:

 [font]=(fontname) add text in here [/font] and [size=4] add text in here [/size] 

As for your question, it's more than likely a port-forward issue, as well as a firewall issue. This shouldn't be a problem with your ADSL service, though can you also supply your bandwidth speed? (i.e. place this in your question in BitComet Client help topic.)

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