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A Sort of Emergency..

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Yes, I have gone through several FAQ's on this forum so far, but nothing really has helped me w/ what to do if the client is extremely unresponsive but is yet still downloading/uploading.

So anyway, what I've done is started too many downloads and uploads and i have a total of about 600+ kB down and up going on, and that seems to be stressing this laptop and its hdd to the limits... My problem is that while the Bitcomet program (.70) is responsive, it is extremely touchy and if I do one thing wrong or whatever, it will go unresponsive on me, and then I'd probably be forced to kill it through the taskmanage and then all the progress I've made on different torrents will have been lost. I say that because it's what's happened in the past.

so, 1. How, besides not being a retard and starting so many torrents and allowing all bandwidth to be used, can I get this thing, at this condition to be responsive, will disconnecting the internet do it?

2. Thank you very much for your time..

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You can't actually have enough torrents downloading at once to ever even make your hard disk break a sweat, so don't worry about that part of it. No way can you get enough bandwidth, no matter what, to even get its interest. You'd have to have a lot of other things, like file transfers, going on in the background for your bittorrent activity to ever even be noticeable.

But Bitcomet's unresponsiveness, about all I've ever found to do is just wait it out. For this reason, I mostly don't use BC. Anything at all, any change, makes it go into a funk and stop repainting the screen. You just have to wait and eventually, eventually, eventually it'll get around to you. Nothing much seems to help. It doesn't seem to correlate with anything else running or not, or any particular type of system or video card. It doesn't seem to matter if you've got twenty active torrents, or one, or even none.

That flaw is why I can't wholeheartedly recommend BC to anyone. I'd suggest you change clients to utorrent or Azureus. I still use BC for seeding only, because it does a better job at that. But it's aggravating as h*** for those systems it does afflict.

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