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I suggest you read the posts here in the forum, as we can't go into great detail for every question members ask, and your question is quite broad and could take hours to reply with great detail.

Here is a good link to start learing the basics of bit torrent protocall...


Now, to explain in as few words as possible...

Your client (bit comet) connects to a tracker (computer somewhere on the internet) to recieve instructions, and to many "peers" (people like you).

All of these peers send little pieces back and forth to each other until you all have the entire download. Then you CONTINUE (this is important) to run the torrent until you "payback" (seed) as much data as you have taken (or more, if you want to be a good peer).

Here is a nice guide to get you started...



ps. Keep in mind that we all have spent countless hours to provide you with this software, and provide support, all for free, so please do your part and take the time necessary to learn the basics so we can then help you with some of the more difficult subjects.

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