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bonjour !!!


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I'm Laurent, I'm French ... sorry it's not my fault ... ;o)

I pop up here upon donb (The UnUsual Suspect) invitation

if I can be of any help translating (tutos, help or else) for French speaking visitors ...

it'll be my pleasure

à bientôt


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Thank you Laurent,

We are all greatful for your help.


ps. Laurent was a HUGE help to our french speaking members at Seedler.org, and I invited him to come join here.


Here is a "new to bit torrent post"


This would seem like a good first post to translate into french.

If you could make a new topic, use this post and its graphics I will then "pin" the topic. (if you want to make your own graphics using french sites, that would be awesome, but it is asking alot, so not neccessary)

Also, if you would make a topic in General help for french members to post in, I will pin that as well.


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