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Hello from Okinawa


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Hello Everyone.

My name is G. Seizan Breyette, a school teacher and karate instructor living on Okinawa. I teach English at a local Japanese middle school, and UechiRyu KarateDo in my dojo. My wife teaches Yoga - we share the dojo.

My movie interests are primarily short animations, fantasy, documentaries, and historical fiction. I like using some in my classes to assist in teaching English when feasible.

Music interests are mostly classical (I also play violin, my wife plays Japanese Koto and several conventional orchestral instruments). I am constantly on the lookout for music suitable for her yoga classes.

I really won't show up on the forums too often, as I only have a few questions regarding handling some torrents.

Been using BitComet for a few months now, and really enjoy the easy access to great movies and printed material.



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Hajimemashite Seizan-san

Welcome to the BitComet Forum! We hope you enjoy your stay around, if at anytime you feel that communicating in Japanese is much easiser, we do have one, run by Kirisaki.

Searching through torrents is quite an efficent way for looking for music/film/etc

Kind Regards


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Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Actually, my Japanese is horrible. My name Seizan has a long story behind it. I am an American living on Okinawa - I opted to live here many years ago. My wife and I built our home and dojo on a hill in a small fishing village overlooking the East China Sea along the west coast of Okinawa.

I know enough Japanese to order ice tea at a restaurant...

This forum and the English Language will do me fine, thanks!


Regards and good health to all.


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