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V bad dl speed. Need help

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I was dling in the region of 200 till i got my router yesterday. Installed it and my dl speed is now 1 or 0... No. of peers will just drop to 0!!!!!!!

I tried the ways to allow the dl speed to be faster e.g. port forwarding but the port is still closed. I have no idea what i should do. I am desperate.

On the other hand, my laptop connected on this wireless network is dl at abt 15(same file) but v inconsistantly. What should I do?

Thanks for the help.

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You must make a separate "port forward" or "virtual server" rule or each computer on your router that is running bit comet.

Portforward.com has tutorials with graphics for most routers.

You also should set a static IP address in windows (guide for this is also at portforward)

If you have done this, then you must have done something wrong.

Also, if you do not have a static ip address, then your ip may change when you reboot, and your router will not be able to find your computer, unless you change its settings to reflect your new IP address.


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I think my internet provider uses dynamic IP. So should i disable static ip?

Cos i seem to have done everything right.

Must i do portforwarding on my lappie that is not connected to router via cable?

I more problem i see is when it is dling v fast, the connection to the peers seem to be cut. Not the internet connection tho. WHat can i do about this? Thanks

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You should still set up a static IP for your computer. Your ISP only sends the dynamic IP to the router, then the router sends out its own set of IPs to your computers. So the static IP you set on your computer will not affect the dynamic IP that your ISP gives to your router.

Yes you must also set up portforwarding in the router for the wireless laptop(just make sure to use a different port).

If downloading very fast causes your connection to cut then maybe you need to set the Global Max Upload and Global Max Download Rates in Bitcomets preferences.

Go through the Settings Guide in my sig, it explains how to figure out your Max Rates.

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