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Guide for configure setting for max dl speed pls

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I have seen having short incomplete guides in this forum helping individuals to maximise their dl speed. So why don't someone create a guide that covers all aspects of the settings of BitComet so that all user can enjoy maximum dl speed, convincing newbies that BitComet is the best sharing file program.

Hope someone can really do that and benefit the entire community in a large scale instead of helping everyone individuals at a slow rate.

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I Think I understand what you are suggestiong, however Most people that use guides want them to be short and to the point.

There are unlimted resources on the net for learning about bit torrent protocall, and our guides do go into much detail regarding this, and as good as our guides are, we still get many requests asking for help getting better download speed on a daily basis.

It seems to me that our staff, and developers donate a LOT of time to help the comunity, and people are too lazy to read for five minutes, so what do you think would happen if we made guides that took hours to read?

In theory your point is strong, but many people can't be bothered to read anything more then one sentence, so this may not be a good idea (just my opinion)

However, our staff, develpers and members will consider your request.



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Firstly, I'm glad someone replied my post. I thought no one will be bothered to do such a guide which need so much trouble collecting all the data.

Coming to the point, if the guide is user-friendly, wouldn't everyone in doubt will take a look at it? Well, i will a suggestion for my 'dream' guide for BitComet which is to use hyperlinks extensively.

For Example--

1) Having a list of factors that affect the speed

2) Link each factor to a paragraph which talks about how it affect the speed, how to check if a computer is affected by that particular factor and a brief info of some device involved*

3) At the end of the paragraph, have a hyperlink of "Solution" for users who are affected by it.

At such, users will not get annoyed by the long 'essay' that a guide might be and benefit from it. I understand the trouble of making such a guide but I feel that it is worthwhile to do it once and for all instead of repeating many possible factors in many topics.

*Personally, I don't really understand some of the terms used in some guides, hence i added in this for newbies to understand a 'dream' guide effectively.

To sum up, I feel that such 'dream' guide is important as many users are not able to get their computer to operate BitComet at the optimum speed. Hence, if there is a group of people who are so passionate in teaching users change their settings for optimum speed dl, why don't that group work together to make a guide that is able to reduce the doubts in the BitComet Client General Help, easing their buden.

Anyway, just for curiosity, how fast can BitComet dl speed be? I'm in the group of newbies too and i hope that my BitComet can work much faster than the current 20kb/s. I would like to ask how to increase that speed but I do not know where to start asking from. Help pls

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I thought my guide covered all the settings that affected your download speed and a few others settings that dont really affect speed.


and it includes links to explanations of certain terms that I didnt think people would understand.

Besides settings though, there are other things which will have an affect on your speed and I talk a little about them at the end. It would be really difficult to fully explain these because everyone has different hardware and different software and people have different ISPs and download different torrents from different trackers so there is no base to start with.

Anyway, just for curiosity, how fast can BitComet dl speed be?
As fast as your connection can handle.
I would like to ask how to increase that speed but I do not know where to start asking from. Help pls
Check out the first post in my settings guide. Just post this information here in this thread and we can try to help.

PS: If there is some other setting that you would like explained or if one of my explanations is too hard to understand or doesnt give enough information then by all means please tell me and I will be glad to make some changes to my guide.

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To BitDave:

I have seen your guide and try ask much to change my settings similiar to yours but now the max dl speed i seen was 35kb/s and that only lasted for few minutes though that torrent health is 2000%.

For questions:

1) Mind giving an exact website which tells the exact max and min speed for ul and dl?

2) Without router, I do not need to change anything?

3) Whats is the average dl speed for BitComet?

4) What does it meant when my USB detector often detects my modem as a unrecognised USB device? *irrelavant

In that guide, you said that viewers should ue that as a reference but I do not do what to be different from you. So i tried to change my settings exactly like yours except for the router as i do not have 1.

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Even a torrent with a health of 2000% can be slow. Those 20 seeds may have their upload bandwidth capped really low or there may be tons of leechers on that torrent. Your download speed will depend on the total available upload bandwidth.

1) http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest?more=1 (pick a server near your location)

2) If you just have a modem then you dont need to do portforwarding (some modems are also routers though)

3) There is no average. The speeds totally depend on each different torrent and also how fast your connection is.

4) Is your modem connected to your PC through a USB cord or is it wireless???

Please dont just copy my settings. They are specific to my connection and yours should probably be different.

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2) I've checked using the run-cmd mtd and have confirmed that my comp does not have a router. Without it, what setting do I need to change? I guess I do not need portforwarding right?

3) I mean usually what speed do user usually have using BitComet? i.e Whats speed do you using have? Just for curiosity...

4) USB. I often get pop-out saying that device connected are uncognised but I'm still connected to the net. My only USB port used is the modem.

Other that the max upload restriction, I do not know what to be different anymore. Any suggestions?

And for the 10 half-open connections limit, i changed it to 110 but I'm still getting the 4226 warnings. Help on that please.

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2) The only setting you really need to get right for your connection is the Global Max Upload Rate. Yes, if you just have a modem then there's no need to portforward. Make sure to confirm this by checking in the Peers tab while your downloading a torrent and see if there are any Remote peers. If they are all Local then there is some firewall blocking inbound connections.

3) Well the other day I was downloading a torrent with about 6 seeds and 3 leechers and only got an average of 12 KB/s. Then I also downloaded a popular torrent which had like 2000 seeds and 600 leechers and got about 140 KB/s. So there really is no average it depends on the torrents(and your connection).

4) Dont know what that means. If your computer has a NIC then you should really consider switching to an Ethernet connection.

Hopefully you havent updated to v0.71, it would be best for the time being to use v0.70

The Max Half-Open TCP connections is best to leave at 8. This way you wont get any more 4226 errors and bitcomet should still be fast.

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