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Multi-Tracking: How Does It Work and How is It Done?


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I'm reletively new to torrents and have been using Bit Comet for a few months now. I've created a few torrents to share some files of mine and have used a single tracker for all of them (The Pirate Bay).

But I'd like to distribute my files more widely and, as far as I can tell, the way to do that is multi-tracking.

So how does that work and how do I do it when creating and submitting my torrents? ???

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You don't need multiple trackers. You just need to upload your one .torrent to populair index sites. Use the pirate bay like you have been and then upload the .torrent to places like www.torrentspy.com. Their site doesn't even require you to be a member to upload. Mininova & Isohunt are both very good as well but require you to be a member.

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The trick to using multiple trackers is that you must comply with all of the requirements of each of them.

It can be tricky to do, especially without experience. Suppose you create your torrent for four trackers, but you didn't dot an "i" for tracker 3, so it rejects the upload. But you've already uploaded it to trackers 1 and 2.

What are you going to do now? You need to remake the torrent to make site 3 happy, but what about sites 1 and 2? People have downloaded your torrrent and are expecting you to seed. Are you going to redo it for site 3, upload the redo to 3 and 4, and seed two separate torrents?

Or are you going to try to delete the torrent already on 1 and 2, then up your revised torrent to all 4? Won't that make the people at 1 & 2 who've already downloaded happy? What if site 2 doesn't allow you to delete your torrent?

It's a mess, and you need experience and confidence. So make and upload different torrents separately to each site, to be sure you know how each works and what each wants.

Be certain, proven by experience, that you know and understand their upload rules. Once you're sure, then you're finally ready to try a multi-tracker torrent.

How to do it? That part's quite simple, by listing the torrent trackers like this:

First tracker url

(blank line)

Second tracker url

(blank line)

Third tracker url

And so forth. The blank lines are very important. If there is no blank line, the client will take the second url as a backup tracker for the first one, and will use it only if the first one doesn't respond. That's not what you want.

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