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bitcomet v.70


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everytime i run bitcomet or any other network for that matter my computer restarts it happens on both bitcomet and limewire.

computer specs

amd x2 4200+

seagate 300gb 7200 rpm hd

EVGA 7900gt w/ latest drivers

sony dvd combo drive

abit kn9 sli mobo

audigy zs 2

550 watt psu

windows xp pro

sbc AT&T isp (3mb/s dl 512 kb/s ul) speedstream 4100 modem w/ linksys WRT54GS router

there is a new update for my bios, i will try that after just wanted to hear your guys suggestions. it started yesterday it was perfectly fine and i was downloading in limewire and my system just rebooted out of nowhere. my first reaction was overheating but the cpu and gpu are running at 48/c case temp is averaging 80/f.

second i tried with no antivirus/firewall/spyware doctor and then tried bitcomet and the system still rebooted. when it reboots there is a windows error that comes out saying that it recovered from an error, send error report and dont send error report and i click dont send and the system is fine until i start bitcomet or limewire again.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated i have been trying to fix it since yesterday thx in advance guys!

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