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Internet: 2Mbit down, only 256 up.


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Hi, Im the lucky person having an internetconnection with 2Mbit download, but only crappy 256 upload. BC is using the 'givers, takers' policy, so Im pretty much screwed. My download speed is following my upload with around 22 kB/s (ratio 1,0 U/D). I would love to give, but this is the only line I can get.

Anything I can do?

I would love to use more of my 2Mbit line...

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You should be ok with that setup -- not great, but ok. First you want to verify your upload speed, at one of the many websites for that purpose. Pick one reasonably nearby -- same continent, at least -- and follow the directions carefully. (What your ISP says you're getting ain't necessarily so.) As a general rule, set your global maximum upload speed to around 80% of the real value, making sure you keep your units straight.

If you did test out to 256 Kb/s, divide by eight to get 32 KB/s, multiply by .8 to get 25.6, so your upload cap should be set to 26.

Now try downloading the Open Office torrent, and that should give you a good idea of what downstreap speed your connection is capable of on a torrent. Most torrents probably won't give you that speed, though.

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Thanks kluelos. Did exactly what you told me, and that raised my downloadspeed with 300%. My upload limit is now set at 23kbps, and my downloadspeed is changing alot, but an average around 70kbps.

Also tried to download a well-seeded torrent (250 Seeders and 0 Leechers), with 225kbps. When looking at these numbers, 70kbps doesnt seem to be that fast afterall. Can I do more to raise my downloadspeed?

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