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new member help please


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Hi All,

I recently downloaded bitcomet and thought that I had it all up and running, I opened it up for the very first time and managed to find the TV show series that I wanted to download.

I managed to get BitComet to start downloading it and it was going at quite a good speed so knowing that it was going to take a while I left it for an hour or two. When I came back to check on it I noticed that my download rate had gone to 0 and my upload rate was at about 15k.

I Left it for a nother hour thinking that it might sort itself out but then when I had come back there had been no change in the total that I had downloaded (around 450meg) and my total upload rate was increasing.

I'm new to this and can't understand most of the posts on this help forum (sorry :( ) and I have searched to see if there where any other posts like this but could not find any so please could some kindly soul maybe give me a bit of guidance (without getting too technical) as to what I am doin wrong or need to do.



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I cannot cover this topic in one forum reply, and certainly not without getting "technical".

First of all, your torrent needs to be seeded in order to fully download, so always check this BEFORE starting the download.

Also, if you are using a router, you should forward your listening port in your router, and also setup a static IP address in windows.

portforward.com can help with that.

For starters, I suggest you read a bit about bit torrent protocall...


this will help you understand the basic terms a bit.


ps. it may just be your choice in torrents, try running a known "good" torrent.

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