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over downloading the file than its size

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can anyone help me plz

whenever i sart downloading the file thru bitcomet its size is around 700 mb but till thetime it finishes the total downloaded show me 850 - 860 that is way beyond the size can any1 help me wat is the problem and where the h*** this extra 150 mb is going plz help.

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hey! i have the same prolem!!! it's over-downloading!!!

okay... here's the story...

i downloaded a game torrent about a week ago and until now... it's not yet finished!!!! it said in the summary tab that:

Total File Size: 1.45 GB [99.6%]

Selected FIle Size: 1.45 GB

Progress: 99.6%

Remaining: 5 MB

Downloaded: 1.84++GB (0 Rubbish Data Dropped)

Uploaded: 1.58++GB

Total Downloaded: 3.85++GB

Total Uploaded: 3.54++GB

okay... the figures are not that accurate but that's what i remember! but heck! compare the TOTAL FILE SIZE with the TOTAL DOWNLOADED... BIG DIFFERENCE!!! So, i thought that there was something wrong with it. This morning, i restarted the download process. I deleted the task (but not the downloaded file) and then, i searched for the exact same torrent and opened it. As of now, this is what's happening:


see what i mean!?!??! and this is what's happening on my other download which i didn't touch and restarted:


see! it's over-downloading!!! i want it to finish already!!!! please help!!!!!!! thanks!!!! :D

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Although it is often normal to download more then the total file size (pieces are sometimes downloaded more then once if first request for piece isn't recieved and requested again). Also, any part that fails hash check must be redownloaded.

However, you are not using a stable version of bit comet.

I recommend you install version .70 (latest stable version).

If you want to continue using the new client, then you may want to try version .75, however we are unable to support versions newer then .70 (at this time)


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