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File Deletion Issue


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Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with an issue I've been having as of late.

I've set my BC program to download to a partition of my drive, which is does awesomely. The problem is that, whenever I try to delete the file through bitcomet, by selecting the option that removes the job and all the files downloaded, the files dissappear, but the space on my hard drive does not change.

As an example,

1. I downloaded a 800MB file (lets call it B.avi), bringing my free space down to 170 mb from 970mb

2. I select the delete option for deleting the task and files associatd with the download of B.avi

3. When I go back to my D:\ drive, I cannot find B.avi anywhere at all (I've searched the drive and the computer for *.avi files), but

4. My free space is still 170 mb. It did not go back up to 970 mb.

Could anyone help me please? I have no idea what to do to get my space back!

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Or, he could use a safe program instead of randomly deleteing stuff and possibly screwing things up.

Besides, we don't know how big his HD is to begin with.

first ccleaner will not delete the files that you have in system volume information folder;

second it is completely safe to delete the files that are there because "it is supposed" that windows should delete them if you turn off system restore and normally will do it, but many times it is bugged and left 3-4GB backups there (+ a dozen of trojans and viruses and spyware well saved for future use :)) after you turn off srestore.

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