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Bitcomet diconnecting my internet


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I've just started to use Bitcomet recently and it seems a good easy to use program and i'm also familier with torrents and p2p downloading but as soon as i've started to use bitcomet, every so often my internet would disconnect before reconnecting again soon after. I know it sounds ok, if it reconnects then surely thats fine, BUT it's not fine at all.

My downloads dont start up and i have to manually connect them all again to get them going on from the % they left off from. This will be an issue when i'm downloading over night or when i'm at work, it's a waste of time having this on if it's gonna stop downloading half way through the night or daytime. It doesn't do this when i'm not using Bitcomet.

Can you suggest what you think the problem would be. And no, it's not a bad router either, my router is not on the list, it's a Belkin and i'm on a 4mb p/s connection. Is there something i'm doing wrong or something i haven't considered.

Please help, thanks

e-mail - Gwyatt5@hotmail.com

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Hi dude! I had this problem. It's probably your ISP cutting you off because they can detect your using P2P software. Go to Preferences - Advanced then Protocol Encription and select ' Always' to hide from ISP.

Also, try downloading at night and avoid peak times as many ISP's use traffic shaping at these times.

I have this problem with Talk Talk and their so called 'Fair Usage Policy'. Is it fair that I pay good money for a service they can't provide because they want more customers and the lines cant support them! f****** bastards! Don't touch them with a barge pole!

Hope it sorts itself out. Peace dude.

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