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Upload speed way higher than DL speed


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I'm using a T1 line at a major U.S. university. The upload speed is way higher than the DL speed. Right now its DL 7kb/sec and UL 29 KB/sec. The avg is 20kb/s DL and 44 KB/sec UL. When I did a connection speed test it said my speed for a direct DL was around 500kb/sec. Anyway I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to increase speed in this situation. Should UL speed be so much higher than DL speed? If there's anything else you need to know about my situation just let me know.

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this is a common problem, and you really should read the info on our faqs and setting guides to cover this in full.

However, here is a simple adjustment you can try.

In many cases your upload speed is maxed out which slows the communication handling requests for data, so you get bypassed.

Try limiting your upload limit just a bit (80% is a good figure to start at)

The trick is to provide as much upload as possible, but still have enough reserver bandwidth to handle requests and respond quickly.


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