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problem with nero or dvd burner?


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Hi, every now and then when i go to burn a dvd from a file i downloaded i get this line that sort of seperates the screen in the bottom left corner.It is a greenish color and it covers the bottom left corner .Im not sure what it is? Could somebody tell me what im doing wrong.Thanks in advance.

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Does this happen when viewing your dvd on your tv/dvd player, your PC, or both?

If it displays on your pc, please attach a screenshot and I will have a look.

If it plays fine on PC, then it is likely an issue with that dvd player, which might be resolved with a firmware update.

It could also be an issue if you are using the wrong region code disc for your player, in that case, you should remove region encoding before you burn the disc, or look into converting your player to being region free.


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