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NEVER MIND... FOUND ANSWER - What is a DAA file?

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I am VERY new at bit comet and torrents. I recently downloaded a file that I expected to be an ISO file but what I got was a DAA file. Would someone please tell me what to do to get this onto a cd for install purposes. I really appreciate it.

Sorry if this has been answered before but I am just impatient and don't want to wander through the tons of information on the forum to find the answer.

Thanks again,


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Yes, it has been asked and answered several times.

I'm sure our search could find it, and if you think it takes too long to look for the info, just imagine the time it takes us to post this info for you to look for.

ok, rant over...

.daa (direct access archive)

It is a disc image make with power iso.

Google can find it for you, and you can download a trial version for free, or find it in a torrent.


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