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Banned Files Question


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I'm downloading a torrent which is 6.50GB that contains a lot of files.

At this time I don't need all the files so I have marked some of them as Banned(Disabled) in Priority and this has reduced the size to 931.96MB which I hoped would speed up the transfer.

Some of the files I want are 100% complete but others are not. The overall percentage figure 96.3 and the remaining time around 50-60 mins but these figures don't seem to have changed much over the last few hours.

Everything seems to be OK e.g if I look in Peers it shows Local & Remote and Port Forwarding is enabled on my wireles router. I have 39 Seeds and 140 Peers.

Can someone explain to me if Banning files means BitComet does not attempt to download these from the remote Seeds/Peers or does it still access these but not download them to my PC.


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selecting files to download is an enhancement to bit torrent, and not something it was designed to do, so is not the ideal way to download.

Not all clients allow for this, nor do they all use same technique to do this.

If this is a new torrent, and uploader is superseeding, then this could cause performance problems, but in most cases you will not have such problems.

One thing you should consider is that the closer you come to complete the torrent, the more rare the pieces become, so hang in there and it should complete.


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Thanks for the reply.

Piratebay shows the torrent uploaded 20 June 2006 with 50 seeders and 183 leechers. so it should be OK.

There are 117 files in the torrent, hence my thoughts on stripping some out and only getting the ones I need at the moment.

Appreciate your point about things slowing down as the torrent download nears completion but I've never had anything like this before. It's been running the best part of two days now at the figures I gave and as far as I can tell non of the incomplete files have moved at all. There is one file that's only 9.27KB and that still shows 0%

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