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Can different versions of BitComet using same xml file(s)?


In your case, what's the situation?  

  1. 1. when swiching to different version, the download tasks...

    • shows well
    • does not shows well

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As I know,there're some ".xml" files in the BitComet directory

they are BitComet.xml





In my case, I first install early version (0.60), and when newer version released,

I download green version (non-install version) , unzip the newer BitComet.exe into c:\Program Files\BitComet\

and rename it to BitComet_070.exe / BitComet_071.exe / BitComet_072.exe...

So I can keep all my settings and download tasks from being overwritten,

and when bug found, I can test the same download tasks with different versions.

That works fine through 0.60 / 0.67 / 0.68 / 0.70,

but when BitComet 0.71 comes, after I did this and decide to downgrade back to 0.70,

0.70 did'nt read the download tasks (the task colume is empty).

then I tried 0.60, it came back and still works fine, thus I can switch between 0.6x to 0.70.

Now 0.72 released, I find 0.72 still empty in the download tasks column.

*seems 0.71 & 0.72 made some changes to the .xml files(?)

And when I downgrade to 0.6x again, some settings (saving position) was bypassed and went to the torrent files' defult

( ex.  my setting: D:\download\something\File.rar

     torrent defult: D:\download\File.rar)

So, here's my guestion:

Anybody doing the same? (if not, don't fill the poll, however, suggestion still welcome)

How's in your case for different versions sharing the .xml files, did the tasks disappear?

Is this a bug?


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versions .71 and .72 are new from ground up, and might not be compatible with your previous versions.

They are had some serious problems, therefore we are recommending sticking with the latest STABLE version .70


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