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First of all, I don't know why you posted in the General Help Forum. Either you didn't know better or you thought that more people would see your advertising. <_<

Second, do you even know what phentermine is??

For your information (and for any who read this), phentermine is considered to be an anorexiant.

This means that it is an extremely dangerous drug that is ONLY prescribed by competent medical professionals (and not your run-of-the-mill quacks) to very few severely obese people (and not all obese patients can take it).

Amongst the many contraindications/warnings of this drug are advanced arterosclerosis ('clogging' of the arteries), severe hypertension (extremely high blood-pressure), cardiovascular disease (heart problems), personatily changes, psychosis and a very real danger of drug-dependence and/or abuse.

This medication is only prescribed for treatments that do not exceed its use for more than a few weeks, as its pharmacological activity is very much the same as that of amphetamines.

In short, if you are a 'doctor' (which I doubt), you're a quack. If you're not a physician, do the world a favour... don't go off posting spam where you have no business. :angry: :angry:

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