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bitcomet using a lot of cpu resources


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by "can't do anything" are you referring to browsing or internet activity? or you can't use any of your computers programs.

The former can be helped by bandwidth limiting, the latter may require upgrading your memory or fine tuning your windows.


ps. Please reply with specs of your system

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can't do anything as in cant listen to music using winamp.. ican do it it but its choppy music as it skips and everything


athlon xp 2400

1gb ddr400


I am also having problems. I can't use zoomplayer to watch a video because as soon as I start it, it maxes out my CPU and the audio and video will be choppy. It's fine if BitComet isn't running. I tried upgrading to the new version but my computer did not like the new version of BitComet. I'm running version 0.70.

Athlon 1.1ghz

640MB of PC133 RAM

Windows XP Home Edition

160 GB System HD

160 GB Storage HD

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