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Connected.........but not downloading anything


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I seem to connect to many peers with my torrent downloads, but only about 10% are actually downloading any data. And I know it's not because they have no data to send, because I can be connected to seeders as well and not be recieving anything.

Here's an example:

I'm downloading the Tenjou Tenge torrent. My seed/peer column reads "22/60[22/1239]". Out of the 22 seeds and 60 other peers that are connected, only 9 are sending any data. 4 of those 9 are seeders with a full 100% of the files I am downloading.

Why is it doing this?

And before you ask, I have port forwarding enabled and my router firmware is up to date.

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Thanks for posting the question because I also want to know if this is how BC works. It is quite common to notice that not everyone you connect to will send you data, and also you do not upload to all the persons you connect to. Most of the time, the big chuck of data are from only a few peers. You will also find out that in most cases a seeder send very little to you. When you become seeder, you probably doesn't send much to others as well.

So far I have accepted it as it is the way BC works. If it is something to do with my setting, please let me know.

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Peers/Leeches that do not share are snubbed by the swarm. To make it simpe you're allowed to download a little when you first start without uploading, but after a certain time limit downloading will stop if you're not uploading. BitTorrent was designed like this on purpose.

But the thing is I AM sharing. I have to cap my upload speed at 35k/ps or else it will shutdown all the internet connections on all the other computers on my network.

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