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PC Freezes


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This is my computer: AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4300+ 2.21Gz, 3.00GB RAM. Physical Address Extension, Diamond Series KN8 Diamond Plus Mother Board, ATA Series Hard Drive, Windows XP Media Center Home Extended SP2, 2 SLI GForce 6600 GT Series Video Cards, Creative Sound Blaster Audigy. I'm running Panda Anti-Virus Platinum 2006 program. The security protection is as follows:

Threats against viruses spy ware Trojans etc. Firewall protection Wi-Fi connections, Internet protection control, and protection against fraud; phishing, and dialers. I sure hope this is enough info for you to help me with the problem I'm having. Every time I run bitcomet (which is now the newest version) my computer freezes up after about 5 minutes of non-use. If I'm physically on the computer doing something it won't freeze. If I'm not running Bitcomet it runs forever without freezing. Maybe the preferences of Bitcomet is set wrong because I've tried all different settings from the default ones to where I'm now. Maybe the preferences for my system you could help me with. All I know is that I just love this program when it's running right and would like some help with this problem if possible. Thank you in advance for your help. Mr. Michael Mayer[/size]

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You mentioned that you are using the latest version of bit comet, which I believe is .72, but the latest STABLE version is .70.

I strongly suggest you install version .70.

version .71 was a major overhaul an is having serious problems. Some of which are resolved in .72, but we have lots of reports regarding this version also.


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