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abuse warning

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Should I be concerned with an abuse warning. It listed the torrent and Mininova and the movie.

Usually it is your ISP that would send you that which means they know or at the least believe that you have illegal traffic running through their servers, which like many "law abiding corporations," they DO NOT like. So, yes you should be at least minimally concerned. The only other way I know you would have recieved that email was if another computer was monitoring you which implies to me something akin to the RIAA.

Oh, by the way just for future reference, if you are in fact downloading the movie illegally you should not post it here on the forums since illegal activity is not condoned by the admins. In defense of you however I will say I do not know this for certain and so you may in fact own the movie legitimately. Do what you will.

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Actually, most ISP's truly do not give a flip about it and are happy to have the increa$ed cu$tomer traffic, but they do greatly resent being unpaid enforcers for the MPAA.

Set your encryption to "Always" in your preferences. This will keep anyone from knowing what the content of the traffic is. They may guess if they want to, but can't prove, and they don't want to. Probably they are doing this at the behest of the MPAA.

This is one of several reasons that you should use PeerGuardian2 or a similar traffic blocker, to prevent les flics from connecting to you.

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And do not respond to the letter.

I have a link to PG2 in my sig. Install it and use these three lists: p2p, ads, & spyware. Do not use any lists from bluetack, their lists are obscenely bloated and their jerks.

You should also turn off HTTP block until you have a little feel for this program. Because HTTP block will slow down your browsing.

Also make sure you have a good firewall running so no private detective working for the MPAA/RIAA can illegally gather evidence on you. B) If you're not sure about your firewall ask away. :)

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